Abu Gara

Abu Gara (Arabic):

1. Man of Baldness
2. Musical Ensemble founded by Guitarist / Composer Jeff Peretz in 1998 to promote harmony and
unity through musical expression.

Dry World Groove – The Dry World (North Africa, The Middle East, Persia and the Arabic Peninsula) with its ancient musical history has long been the home of many deep musical traditions. Abu Gara’s music, the Dry World Groove can be considered a journal of founder Jeff Peretz’s travels throughout the region. An innovative blend of Middle Eastern rhythms and Western harmonies as vehicle for improvisation is what gives Abu Gara its unique voice. Old meets new and east meets west in this celebration of culture and spirit. The group performs regularly in all of the major venues in NYC and has been featured in the St. Marx Park and Citibank Summer Concert Series. Because of their dedication to promoting peace and humanity, Abu Gara is often invited to perform for special events sponsored by the Seeds of Peace, The Parent’s Circle and The Daniel Pearl Foundation.

Abu Gara received rave reviews for their contribution to the mystical poetry/music festivals Rumi: Soaring to Ecstasy and Yunus Emre: Turkish Medieval Humanist Mystic Poetry, for which Jeff composed all original music. The celebrations both featured the Republic of Turkey’s first Minister of Culture, Prof. Talat Halman, and actress Defne Halman reciting the classic works of these transcendent mystics to Abu Gara’s exotic rhythms, harmonies, and melodies.

For info contact: abugara@jeffperetz.com


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